Giving Sperm Pays Well

21 aprilie, 2008 | Andrei Sălăgean

     A guy and a girl get on an elevator in a hospital. The guy hits three, and asks the girl „which floor?” to which she replies „Four, please.”Making conversation, the girl says „I’m here to give blood. What are you here for?”
     The guy says „I’m actually here to donate sperm. They give me eighty dollars for it.”
     The girl goes, „Huh. I only get ten dollars for giving plasma.” They get off the elevators on their respective floors.
     The next week, the same guy gets on the elevator to go give sperm again. Lo and behold, the same girl gets on. „Nice to see you again. What floor, miss?”
     „Mmmmph!”, she says, and holds up three fingers.

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