Buying Ice Cream

19 iunie, 2008 | Andrei Sălăgean

Lady walks into an ice cream parlor on a hot day.
„I’d like a gallon of chocolate ice cream”, she says.
„I’m sorry ma’am, but we’ve had a run on chocolate in this weather and we just ran out. We’ve got 30 other flavours, so please pick one of them.” replied the clerk.
„Oh well, I guess I’ll just have a quart of chocolate then.”
„Ma’am, perhaps you didn’t hear me. We are completely out of chocolate ice cream, but I’ll be happy to sell you another flavour.”
„Oh. Better make it just a pint of chocolate then.”
The clerk has had enough at this point and asks, „Listen, lady, spell the ‘VAN’ in ‘vanilla’.”
The lady is puzzled, but replies „V-A-N”.
„OK, now spell the ‘STRAW’ in ‘strawberry’. he says.
She slowly replies, „S-T-R-A-W”, still not sure what he’s up to.
„OK, now spell the „FUCK” in ‘chocolate’.”
She looks at him and says, „There’s no ‘fuck’ in chocolate!’
He shouts back, „That’s what I’m tryin to tell you, lady!”

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  1. Anne spune:

    I don’t know if you remember me…
    I’m so sorry I couldn’t connect me on msn this month ‘cause I had to write exams, my high school diploma.
    I’ve at least finish it so if you still want to talk with me, there’s no problem. ^^
    I’ve looked to your blog, it’s really nice and really funny sometimes. xD

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